What is the BlueOval Charging Network? 

Leading the way in the EV and digital movement, Ford has made it easier than ever to charge your Ford plug-in hybrid or all-electric vehicle. The BlueOval is the largest North American public charging network. This network allows you to connect to over 19,500 charging stations, and the number is growing. The EV Charge Network lets you locate, activate, and pay for charging via your FordPass app through Plug & Charge. Ford provides two years of free access to the BlueOval Charge Network for pay-for-use charging. 

What is the Plug & Charge Feature on the FordPass App? 

Plug & Charge lets you activate and pay for your charging simply by plugging into a public charging station. The technology recognizes your Ford EV vehicle and begins charging hassle-free while automatically billing your card on file. Ford also offers the Power My Trip feature within the app, which acts as your trusted EV navigator. You can plan your route based on your current charge level and plan out charging stations along the way. How do you connect your phone to the FordPass app? Click here for step-by-step directions

How to use the FordPass Plug & Charge Feature on the Mustang Mach-E