Over the past year, Ford has been at the forefront of the electric vehicle movement, shifting towards digital efficiencies. As of 2021, Ford ditched paper owner manuals in the new F-150 models. Customers can search the vehicle’s touch screen infotainment system for easy and accessible answers to questions and issues. The new digital manual is available on vehicles such as the Mach-E, equipped with a SYNC 4 Infotainment System.

The only tangible material that customers get is a smaller guide that includes emergency information, including how to jump-start the car, change the tires, or what to do if the vehicle has run out of power. The new manual provided is only 150 pages at about a quarter of the size compared to the original 700. Reducing Ford’s yearly paper use by 290 tons, an average weight of 122 F-150 pickup trucks. Switching to digital owner manuals quite literally saves a mountain of paper, 1800 feet of paper to be exact. However, customers can purchase complete copies of the physical manual if desired. Besides saving you space in the glovebox, the ability to look up “how-to” videos and see visual explanations provides drivers the opportunity for easier solutions and quicker troubleshooting compared to flipping through hundreds of pages. 


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