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Have you ever had the frustrating experience of finding a car you want online, only to discover that it has already been sold when you call the dealership? Bill Brown Ford has addressed this issue with their unique TrueView™ Inventory, which eliminates the likelihood of this happening. When you browse the available vehicles, you can see if they are in transit, on hold, or currently available at the dealership. This allows you to confidently call and schedule a test drive for the car you’re interested in. Bill Brown Ford’s TrueView™ Inventory solves this problem, as is updated multiple times a day. By introducing innovative solutions like this, Bill Brown in Livonia, Michigan, is making car buying easier and more enjoyable for Ford enthusiasts.



What is Bill Brown Ford’s TrueView™ Inventory? 

While other dealerships struggled with the process of putting their entire inventory online, Bill Brown Ford recognized the need for a more efficient approach. This led to the creation of TrueView™ Inventory, a digital tool that provides a clear and easy-to-use display of Bill Browns current inventory, enabling customers to browse their “real online inventory” without any confusion. By providing real-time updates of their inventory as soon as they receive them, Bill Brown Ford has set a new benchmark for innovation in customer service in the car-buying industry. TrueView™ Inventory is an exclusive feature offered only at Bill Brown Ford, your local Michigan-based Ford dealer.

How Does Bill Brown Ford’s TrueView™ Inventory Work?

It’s common for dealerships to receive inventory feeds from Ford, which can lead to discrepancies in online inventory due to sales or holds that occur between updates. This can cause confusion, especially when custom-ordered models that have been sitting on the lot for over a week are added to the online feed. To address this issue, Bill Brown Ford has created a unique process that provides customers with a more accurate and up-to-date inventory of the available models they’re interested in. TrueView™ Inventory utilizes multiple vendors to ensure that the inventory is refreshed several times a day. With this tool, customers can easily see which new Ford models are currently available on the lot or in transit without being shown custom orders, holds, or sold units.

At present, Bill Brown has almost 900 cars, SUVs, and trucks available for immediate purchase, and this number will update regularly. TrueView™ Inventory clearly displays the current availability of these vehicles. These vehicles don’t require a custom order, and if a car is “in transit,” it can be reserved for purchase, with delivery only a few weeks later. Once a vehicle is reserved, it is removed from the online inventory feed to prevent confusion.

Explore the Latest 2023 Ford Models Available for Purchase at Bill Brown in Livonia, MI

Bill Brown Ford has been recognized as the world’s #1 Ford dealership, and this achievement is a testament to their commitment to providing exceptional customer service. They continuously strive to improve the car-buying experience for their customers by exploring new and innovative ways to enhance it.

With a selection of almost 900 vehicles available on their lot and in transit, they have the largest inventory of new Ford vehicles to cater to your specific needs. The dedicated Bill Brown sales team is committed to finding you the best lease and finance deals for Ford vehicles. With their unique approach of having one sales member for one customer, you can expect a streamlined and efficient purchasing process. Bill Browns sales team will guide you through every step of the purchasing process, ensuring that it is a quick and hassle-free experience. Browse through their TrueView™ Inventory and schedule a test drive today!